With over 40 years of combined experience in infrastructure space, the 2 Apogee Development Group brings together a disciplined approach in real estate investing anchored with a core mission to help improve local communities and in turn help those communities help the surrounding cities. The 2 Apogee Group brings to life a passion of helping revitalize communities with first rate master planned projects strategically selected basis on their inherent future unrealized value.

We bring deep industry experience in Public Private Partnerships (P3) projects where we lead the Design, Construction, Operation, Maintenance and Financing (DCOMF) model to realization. Thesemodels allow the 2 Apogee Group to bringing further project value by engaging institutional investors via a platform of long term concession frameworks

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At the 2 Apogee Group we are a real estate investment company headquartered in Miami, Florida. We seek opportunities to acquire, develop, operate and bring institutional capital to our real estate projects. Our goal is to create value in our projects by helping our investors and partners realize long-term asset appreciation. Our founders have a deep history of complex infrastructure transactions including The 2 Apogee Group is deeply committed to Miami’s rich history and unique culture. Our team seeks to solidify the rehabilitation of buildings or expansion and or de novo development of new mixed-use commercial complexes with a keen impetus to enrich and maintain the core tenets of the local culture. Our goal is to build vibrant and livable spaces for our communities.

The 2 Apogee group is involved with a wide array of real estate projects including pre-existing building acquisition, rehabilitation and value accretion to master planned mixed use commercial developments. Our projects all reflect an unwavering commitment to sustaining local cultural tenets
We believe that no two projects are equal therefore an individualized approach is key. Our development team engages with clients to understand how we can best deliver value in every situation.
A fully transparent process gives our client partners and investors a sense of clarity in viewing project progress in real time. We apply our deep industry experience and knowledge in large scale infrastructure projects including Public Private Partnerships (P3) where we design, construct, finance, operate and maintain (DCFOM) the project from inception to strategic exit.